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Information For Members

Club Meetings
The committee members want you to feel part of the club and you are invited to come along to any of the monthly meetings, which are held on the Wednesday evening following each walk at the Wheatley Hotel on Thorne Road at 7pm.

Walk Leaders
Members can volunteer to take part in assisting to lead walks.

Club Rules
Please ensure that you have a copy of the Club Rules. The Rules are there to ensure we have safe walks.  (The Membership Secretary has copies.)

Walk Reviews/Photos
Please email us with your walk reviews and/or photos. You can send these to: [email protected]


The second Sunday of August 1978 was the inaugural walk of the Doncaster Wayfarers walking club. The walk was a Castleton circular in Derbyshire. It began at Cave Dale and finished with the classic ridge walk of Lose Hill and Mam Tor. The weather was perfect and the whole day was a great success.

The club was formed by a breakaway group from the International Fellwalkers, who were looking for a more family orientated venue. A committee was formed with Ron Thornton voted in as the first chairman. Founder members of the committee included the late Allan Humphries and Pat White, who devised the Doncastrian Way, a 33 mile walk around the vicinity of Doncaster. In the early days, Pat was also our local 'historian' and gave many an interesting talk at the monthly meetings.

The first official programme of walks was published in November 1978 through to December 1979. The first Christmas walk was on 10th December 1978, with a lunch at the Hayburn Wyke Hotel near Scarborough. Throughout the first two years, there was a single 'A' walk; shorter 'B' walks were added to the programme in 1981 and proved to be very popular!

In 1981, four members of the club were the first Doncaster contingent to take part in the Ultimate Challenge walk across Scotland (now known as the TGO Challenge). Since then several club members have tackled the Challenge, as have other Doncaster groups. In 1988, Doncaster Wayfarers became affiliated to the the National walking organisation known as the Rambler's Association.